REQUIREMENT: You Must Watch This Video Before Submitting Your Customization Form

Copy and paste the following statement before hiring a Graphic Designer to design your logo:

My final logo must be created in Adobe Illustrator and delivered to me as an .AI or .EPS vector file. Can you provide that to me?

Congratulations on becoming a Gold Member of the Sky Eye Network. As you already know, your Gold Membership means that the Sky Eye Network is going to be completing all of the customizations for your business described at Drone Command Live and listed in your Membership Kit.

However, before we can complete your Customizations, we will need a copy of your LOGO in the proper format.

Remember, we will have your customizations completed within 4-6 weeks from the day you submit your customization form with the proper vector logo attached. So if you do not submit your logo in the proper format as a vector file when you submit your customization form, you will delay your customizations SIGNIFICANTLY. In other words, NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING will get done until you send us your vector logo in the proper format.We simply cannot complete your customizations without the proper vector logo file.

So what is a vector file? Well, it is a format that means that your logo is designed using shapes and math instead of dots or pixels. But don’t worry about what it means. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you send us a vector format. You don’t need to know the difference between file formats, you just need to send us a vector. That’s it.

A vector format will be a .AI or a .EPS file. If you do not submit a .AI or .EPS file, we cannot complete your customizations. JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF, or any other file type, are all unacceptable. It has to be a .AI or .EPS vector file made with Adobe Illustrator.

Your graphic designer who has created your logo should have this vector file for you—no problem. If not, don’t use them. Its like hiring a Drone Pilot who doesn’t have a drone. Its not possible and they don’t know what they’re doing.

Now, we recommend you use to have a logo designed for your business. And if you use them, your designer will provide you with a .AI or .EPS vector file. That’s the file you want to submit to us.

However, if you are using any other service besides, like a local designer, or a friend, or another website, please tell them the following:

My final logo must be created in Adobe Illustrator and delivered to me as an .AI or .EPS vector file. Can you provide that to me?

If the answer is NO, don’t use that designer. Its as simple as that folks.

Please note that our customization teams are quick and professional and can turn your entire customization around in 4-6 weeks, but only if you provide us with the correct information on the customization form and most importantly a VECTOR logo file.

This is the #1 problem we have with new Gold Members—they do not send us vector logo files. So don’t be that guy. Don’t be that guy who sends us any other file besides a vector file. Don’t be that guy who sends a JPG or a picture from their cell phone or copies an image off of the internet. Don’t be that guy. Be a professional. Send us a VECTOR logo file.

Vector, vector vector. AI or EPS. That’s it. Adobe Illustrator. You got it.

Once you’ve got your Adobe illustrator created vector file in .AI or .EPS format, simply click on the Submit Customization Form button on the right side of this page. And submit your information to us. In 4-6 weeks from that time, you’ll have all of your customizations completed. Congratulations again, and thumbs up for sending us a VECTOR logo.


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